Irene Luft

It is not the fascinating colours of the materials or the extraordinary cut making an outfit unique. It is the perfectly defined proportions, the flawless combination of the cut and craftsmanship which makes each Outfit desirable. The irresistible allure is given by just two factors: reduction and precision.

Already in the first collection these elements were clearly recognisable: the precise cut, distinct lines and looks which are inspired by the different tendencies in art, architecture and fashion, particularly the early 20th century and its Art Deco and Bauhaus movement. It is her gift to connect the character of the inspiring architecture, culture or lifestyle with elements of the present in a very subtle way.

Due to the reduction of colour and silhouette the cut and details of each single garment are emphasised ideally. In doing so she manages to highlight the feminine shape due to skilful cuts and definite lines. In the centre of the creative work she always accentuates the femininity.